30 November 2018
'Bigger shed' expanding Watershed
Mike Cox, Childs+Sulzmann Architects
Watershed, Bristol

We are extremely pleased to be revealing our exciting plans for the expansion of Watershed. After five years in development, images of the six-storey extension were released to the press last night at an exclusive gathering of stakeholders.

The new development will provide much needed space for the expansion of the Pervasive Media Studio, event space, incubation and work space for growing media companies and a fourth cinema. The proposals will help to sustain the growth of new talent and ideas at Watershed.

“It’s definitely a statement” says the CEO Claire Reddington. It’s a public declaration of creativity in the heart of the city”.

With a budget of £12 M, the ‘Bigger Shed’ as it is already becoming known, will occupy the redundant space at the back of Watershed currently used only for unauthorised parking.

“We have been working with Watershed for over twenty years, and helped them develop all their current facilities”, says Mike Cox Dir. C+SA, “This bold intervention will secure the sustainable future of this much-loved Bristol institution”.

Mike Cox, Director at Childs+Sulzmann

Mike Cox, Childs+Sulzmann Architects