23 March 2018
Re-imagining city retail space for creative co-working
Mike Cox, Childs+Sulzmann Architects
Proposed repurposing of TK Maxx in The Galleries, Bristol

Plans to convert retail units in The Galleries shopping centre into co-working spaces have been submitted to Bristol City Council.

The new co-working spaces are planned for the retail space currently occupied by retailer TK Maxx. The units will become free when TK Maxx moves into the former BHS store in Broadmead which is currently being prepared for the new occupants.

The Hark Group, asset managers of The Galleries, were looking for creative ideas about how to maximise the commercial potential of the 3000m2 retail space that was becoming vacant.   Having seen Childs+Sulzmann’s work at Engine Shed, Hark approached them to come up with some ideas. Building on their significant experience of creating dynamic, contemporary working environments, Childs+Sulzmann re-imagined the retail units for co-working space. The current enclosed space with no daylight will be opened up to give views over Castle Park and a dramatic new entrance over the bridge.

“The scheme reflects a growing appetite for truly mixed-use developments which blur the lines between where we work and where we shop.” comments Mike Cox, Director, Childs+Sulzmann Architects, “We see this development as having the potential to shift people’s perception of The Galleries. It’s a fabulous location for a developing business in the heart of the city.”

Retail experts anticipate that this will be a growing trend over the next decade as underutilised retail spaces are regenerated to accommodate the increasing number of new businesses and entrepreneurs. There are plenty of start-up incubators across the city but what’s needed now is space for them to grow.

Mike Cox, Director at Childs+Sulzmann