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Colston Tower

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Dursley Leisure Centre

Childs+Sulzmann provide a dedicated project management service for the re-design, re-fit and refurbishment of hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, sports centres and workspaces, whether for a single property or for a portfolio or chain of properties.

After analysing the client’s needs and the building use and users, Childs+Sulzmann will develop the architectural and interior design concepts. The design will incorporate all branding, commercial and operational requirements and once approved we can manage the whole project delivery, from planning approval to final snagging.

Childs+Sulzmann will:

  • Develop the architectural and interior design concepts
  • Obtain planning permission as necessary
  • Follow the client’s operational brief and work with the client to develop a schedule of works
  • Specify and procure all fixtures, fittings, equipment
  • Select, appoint and manage the contractor
  • Manage a phased programme on a live site
  • Be responsible for health and safety
  • Deliver the project!

Our experience spans a wide range of building and project types, from historic, listed properties with complex fabric issues requiring sensitive treatments, to high rise offices and sports centres. Many of these had tight completion deadlines and required intricate phased programming to remain open and operational for the duration of the building works.

Each project is different and has its own challenges. As Project Managers, we are responsible for every last tap and door handle being exactly right, and in the right place at the right time! 

Our experience of working closely with contractors ensures a real understanding of the issues and priorities involved, leading to successful project delivery

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Watershed Media Centre

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Norland College

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Dyson (DIET)