10 November 2017
'Podville' development planned for start-up offices near Aztec West, Bristol
'Podville' development planned for Aztec West, Bristol

A planning application has been submitted for the creation new start-up office space at Almondsbury Park, Business Park.

Childs+Sulzman Architects have provided design and services for the Podville development which involves the installation of a series of stacked shipping containers, converted for commercial use. Of a total of 14 containers, 12 will be used for office space and 2 will provide shared facilities including a meeting space. Subject to planning permission, the development will be in place early in 2018.

Converting shipping containers for use as housing started as far back as the 70s, but the idea of using multiple shipping containers for temporary commercial use is a much more recent phenomenon.

"Converted shipping containers are an attractive proposition partly because they are seen as cool and trendy, partly because they are simple, robust, reliable and flexible but they also allow the market to respond quickly and economically to demand. I believe this trend will continue and we are already we are looking at another development for this client in Milton Keynes," explains Mike Cox, Director, Childs+Sulzmann.

Childs+Sulzmann have worked on a number of these container developments, including the extremely successful Boxworks at Engine Shed in Bristol.