09 June 2017
Six weeks, five properties, £1.4m of building works and lots of complex issues!
The Falcon, Weatherspoon, High Wycombe

That was the task set for Childs+Sulzmann Architects by their client, national hotel and pub chain, JD Wetherspoon.

This was by no means a simple task. The properties included historic listed buildings, all were in city centre locations with limited access and neighbours close by. The objective was to remain open during the development works and if not, to close for the minimum amount of time possible.

Childs+Sulzmann were responsible for the conceptual architecture, interior design and the project management of each project and at all times had to consider how best to improve the commercial operation of the establishment.

The role of Childs+Sulzmann in these projects was to:

  • Design the look and feel for each premises
  • Obtain any planning permission necessary
  • Follow the client’s operational brief and develop a delivery plan to match
  • Specify and procure all fixtures, fittings, equipment
  • Work with property team to set the programme
  • Appoint and manage the contractor
  • Be responsible for health and safety
  • Deliver the project!

Peter Sulzmann, who managed the project from start to finish commented, “There is no standard specification for these projects, each one is different and has its own challenges. As Project Managers, we are responsible for every last tap and door handle being exactly right, and in the right place at the right time! No pressure!”

Peter’s experience in this sector and of working closely with contractors ensures a real understanding of the issues and priorities involved. Childs+Sulzmann successfully delivered all the projects, in Wembley, Hereford, High Wycombe, Newquay and Weston-Super-Mare on time and on budget.