11 May 2018
Gloucestershire's biggest nature conservation charity appoints Childs+Sulzmann for new HQ development
Mike Cox, Childs+Sulzmann Architects
Proposed design sketch

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s mission is a simple one – to value nature. And they have been doing fantastic work to preserve, recreate and reconnect Gloucestershire’s wild places from their modest headquarters at Robinswood Hill, Gloucester.

The Trust’s ambitions for future growth are constrained by their current building. Originally built to house 15 staff, the building is now straining to accommodate up to 60 employees and has few facilities to cater for the 50,000 visitors using the country park each year.

To meet the Trust’s ambitious plans for the future and to create a visual identity that better reflects its values, Childs+Sulzmann Architects have been appointed to a £750,000 scheme to refurbish, re-imagine and extend the current buildings. The development will incorporate agile workspace, meeting rooms, volunteer area, café and an events space.

“It is a modest project but, for an organisation of this size, the proposed investment can be transformational. They’ve been tremendously successful at advocating the importance of high quality green infrastructure and the positive impact this can have on development,” says Mike Cox, Director, Childs+Sulzmann Architects.

“We are delighted to have been selected to work with the Trust on this scheme. We believe our responsibility, and what we do best, is to use this opportunity to improve the working environment for the staff and to enhance the public’s perception of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.”

“We want to maximise the value of the Trust’s investment by re-inventing the character of their premises and presenting a new face to the public. We are always keen to expand our work with charities, trusts and other organisations we believe in.”

Mike Cox, Director at Childs+Sulzmann