Colston Tower

London developers Resolution Property appointed Childs+Sulzmann Architects to transform the iconic 1970s Colston Tower building, an integral part of the Bristol centre skyline, into a more dynamic, contemporary working environment with improved infrastructure and significantly increased value.

Working from the top down, the renovation was inside and out, and included new lifts, rearrangement of the entrance and foyer, re-configured working space, and a cycle hub.

The foyer now provides a light and vibrant social space to serve the growing community of more than 700 people working in Colston Tower. With views out into the city centre, the new common room area with informal meeting pods is designed to generate a sense of community in the working environment.

The new foyer will also link to the new cafés, bars and restaurant around the base of the tower.

Our carefully considered interventions and a modest investment have transformed this underestimated asset and doubled the headline rents.

Take a look inside Colston Tower | click to view video

Take a peek inside Colston Tower!

Check out the video from our friends at 299 Lighting and Birdy Films (click on video to play)

Video from 299 Lighting

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