31 March 2017
Childs+Sulzmann appointed for historic school expansion
Bristol Cathedral School, Bristol

Childs+Sulzmann architects have been appointed to carry out a feasibility study for the expansion of an historic school that lies within the precinct of Bristol Cathedral and is thought to date back to the 1100s.

Plans to extend Bristol Cathedral Choir School with a new classroom for each school year group were revealed at a recent public consultation event. The proposals included a new extension to the Palliser Martin building which will replace existing 1970s buildings (shown left) with a more sympathetic structure (shown right). This new element will harmonise with the historic surroundings whilst adding contemporary features. A new mansard extension to the Trinity Building is also proposed along with a new external social space and a number of smaller interventions to improve spaces within the existing school. Seven new classrooms will be created, two of which will be added by reconfiguring existing space.

'It's a privilege to be working on this wonderful iconic school’ commented Matt Parsons, Design Director, Childs+Sulzmann. 'We have extensive experience of working within the setting of historic buildings and understand the sensitive treatments such interventions require.’

It is anticipated that designs will be developed and submitted for approval over the coming year and that construction will take place in 2018.

Contractor:  Skanska
Structural Engineer: Arup
M&E Consultant: RPS